Radio Proto

Radio Proto

The entry of private radio in Cyprus is identical to the operation of RADIO ONE, 21 years ago, on September 3, 1990. From then until today, RADIO ONE has opened and has carved its way free radios in Cyprus following his own creative path, always from the top.

The recipe for success RADIO ONE has a hidden secret. The first radio air circuit serving only the authority envisioned by the founders and based on the best possible implementation of the triptych NEWS - SPORTS - ENTERTAINMENT. Thus, based on the needs and desires of his audience, he manages to coexist with his time and record the pulse of Cypriot society better than anyone else. With immediate, timely and objective information. With the most extensive sports program. With more good music, chosen by listeners. Tributes, cultural references and events. And with the most powerful group of radio producers, who are loved by the people who follow them faithfully by choice and not by imposition, RADIO ONE won for years the top and managed to stay there, making time friend! Between 1990 and 2012, first in the air, a radio near all!

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Year of Establishment 1990


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Archngelou 31 , Nicosia , Strovolos , Nicosia , 2057 , Cyprus


zachos [ at ]
(+357) 22 580 400